Thursday, January 29, 2009

Virgina Wolf - A Room of One's Own

On page 37 when Wolf talks about how she would rather have to money over her vote. I think that there was a really good point brought up in class on how having the money allows her to go beyond the vote. That women can't just stop at getting the right to vote. This made me think of civil rights and how blacks went through the same type of ordeal when they were trying to gain the right to vote. We are learning about the 60's in my history class right now and how much of a struggle it was for the blacks to be able to vote. Do you think women went through some of the same trouble? Probably not to the extent that blacks did but maybe they had some men resisting their votes even after they gained the right to. It also makes sense that they have to go beyond just getting the right to vote. For blacks media was the number one key. Getting themselves herd and the media's attention. I think this can be related to women as well. Even though they can vote is that enough? Do you think that women, like blacks, need media's attention or to be published and herd to really have a say?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

To me writing is like... a really bad date!

Going on a bad date is something that is bound to happen but you never look forward to it. When you first start out on the date of course you have hopes that it will be a good date and you will have fun. But the guy turns out to be a disappointment. As the date goes on it just keeps getting worse and all you can think about is how bad the date is and when it will be over. Then somewhere in the middle you feel bad about being so harsh so you may try to think positive and give it one more shot. It just doesn't seem to work out though, things just are not clicking. You stick it out though but when the date is over you are relieved and never think about the date again.

Just like bad dates writing is difficult for me because I can never really look forward to writing. When I get writing assignments I do always have hopes that it will go smooth and I will enjoy it. But it always takes me forever and is just frustrating more than fun or relaxing. Words and my thoughts don't flow very easily for me when it comes time to put them on paper.

writing is annoying like this guy: