Thursday, April 23, 2009

In class we were discussing how in Power... why trees matter so much when talking about the earth and heritage. How the roots grow deep and the tree grows higher. This made me think of Pocahontas and the talking tree. The tree is the tree of wisdom and Pocahontas goes to her for help. I think that this captures a lot of what we were talking about and how trees represent wisdom and knowledge. Also the tree knew her mother and can relate it to Pocahontas. So it is a kind of different way to look at a family tree. The tree is also old... kind of like mother nature. So like in Power how the trees are a symbol of past generations and the tribe is about the elders being in control, they too value what is older. (Press the talking tree to see the you tube video).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We talked about covers of books with Lucy. Lucy's book cover is of a girl from the West Indies and has no top on. She look ponderous which would represent her, Lucy. Now I contrast that with the cover of Power. The cover of Power is a dark forest with a dress hanging from the tree. I think this is representative of Omishto because she is torn and is confused about who she is. Her mother is often jealous of her looks but her sister always wants to dress her up. Omishto does not want to be a "pretty" girl and wear all the dresses. I feel like the dress on the tree represents her rebellion against being a "pretty" girl. The forest that the dress hangs on is dark and ominous which is like her thoughts... because she is confused about herself.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


A name has a lot power over people and how they are perceived. It is the first thing that people have to make a judgment about a person without actually seeing them. One time my friend was talking about me to her friends that I did not know, her friends stopped her in the middle of her story to ask what I looked like because all they could picture was a 300lb black football player. Ha obviously I am not a 300lb black man but my name, Mo, somehow insinuated that, that was what I looked like.
I think a lot of people struggle with their name just like Lucy. Or their name fits like Oshimito. I also think that there are many different names for people. A person can have their actual name, a nickname, their last name, male/female, occupation, or regional. For example I am a Missourian, and accountant, a woman, Mo, and a Weaver. Each name connects me to different things and different people. How is it that one person can possess so many different names? Some of the names you do not have control over but some you do. So which one's are more important the given names or the chosen ones?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lucy - Cover

The cover of the novel Lucy is representative of her through the colors, shapes, and expression/ body language of the girl. The cover has a circle with a girl, Lucy, inside the circle. The circle to me is like a window looking in at her while she has no clothes on. The fact that she has no clothes makes me think that it is her, without a mask because she doesn't know we are peaking in. The look on her face is pensive like she is pondering her body and instances in her life. She is pictured as she is from the West Indies and looks like she is a young adult. The fact that she is pictured alone tells me that she is one, in a private spot, and two, that it is part of her character and situation that she feels lonely and confused. That is backed up by her facial expression that has a sort of sad tragic look. The color of orange and green is very earthy and there are a lot of references to the earth and outdoors in the book.