Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lucy - Cover

The cover of the novel Lucy is representative of her through the colors, shapes, and expression/ body language of the girl. The cover has a circle with a girl, Lucy, inside the circle. The circle to me is like a window looking in at her while she has no clothes on. The fact that she has no clothes makes me think that it is her, without a mask because she doesn't know we are peaking in. The look on her face is pensive like she is pondering her body and instances in her life. She is pictured as she is from the West Indies and looks like she is a young adult. The fact that she is pictured alone tells me that she is one, in a private spot, and two, that it is part of her character and situation that she feels lonely and confused. That is backed up by her facial expression that has a sort of sad tragic look. The color of orange and green is very earthy and there are a lot of references to the earth and outdoors in the book.

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  1. I agree that it looks like she is pictured as she is from the West Indies. I think this is significant because it shows that even though she is living a new life in the States, she is still stuck in her life in the West Indies, and the grip her mother has on her.