Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yellow Wallpaper

Although the consensus seemed to be favorable towards this piece in class, I did not enjoy it as much. Yes, it was the easiest read thus far but the story made me feel uneasy. I couldn't help but become claustrophobic while reading how this woman is stuck in a room with bars and torn wallpaper. A pet peeve of mine is partially torn paper or things for instance when my paper tears with fringes out of a notebook. So to read about how the paper was torn really bothered me and I couldn't get past that image.

I think another problem might be that I cannot relate to this woman at all. I have never felt crazy like her and trapped in a room. It was hard to get into the character. Most of the time I was just thinking that her husband is probably just trying to help her because he doesn't understand her. I feel like I related to the husband more than I did her. I do feel sympathetic to her situation because I think it is sad that women just were casted as crazy when they had an illness that now is seen as common.

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